Press Release International Youth Day 2017

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Photo by Activista Ghana

“Peace goes beyond peace, thus, since the United Nation (UN) chose peace as its umbrella mission and vision, they have worked tirelessly to secure peace wherever possible yet more effort is needed than before. We live in a chaotic world flooded with daily news of bedlam. What then is peace? peace then becomes natural to each person, instead of the many gadgets state and institutions are amassing to pursue peace. The business of peace then becomes the business of all, therefore let’s all push for peace…the youth counts more than before”

– Says “The Executive Director Of Community And Family Aid Foundation-Ghana (Joseph Senyo Kwashie)

 Management of Community And Family Aid Foundation-Ghana join the international community in celebrating 2017 International Youth Day. Celebrating each year on the 12th August, this year’s theme is “Youth Building Peace” speaks volumes. The UN General Assembly in 1999, designated 12 August as International Youth Day.

The global population of youth keeps redoubling at a fast pace and the last two decades have witnessed an unprecedented turn out of things.Young people are powerful agents of change and progress when they are educated and empowered to participate in decision-making. Yet around the world, too many youth are being left behind, they receive a substandard education or no education at all, and few find decent employment opportunities. They struggle to access basic sexual and reproductive health information and services yet without these tools, young people – young women, in particular – find themselves grappling with poverty, early pregnancy, disease and other challenges.

Back home in Africa and elsewhere the youth have emerged as stronger partners in development and not a stand-alone population that ought to be ignored at all. However, frustration and daily hardship have forced them to resort to violent means of pursuing their demands for which reason many nations have never enjoyed peace till this day. Youth pursuing peace collectively is the antidote to promote good governance and creation of true sense of inclusive development, thus, anything short of that may spell doom.

CAFAF-GHANA stands for peace and youth development across board and would like to use this celebration to recommend to our teaming youth to see peace as a means of getting to their destination. There will not be any positive development without peace. Peace in itself is peaceful and must endeavor to cloth our minds and hearts with peace. The material approaches to pursuing peace is long past ,demanding a different approaches of harvesting peace in a more inclusive and innovative manner in our advance world .

We all have the tools and the energy to play our part irrespective of where we find ourselves in ensuring that our action and inaction produces peace all the time. Peace is sunshine and a shelter under which everyone will find comfort. We urge our leaders to provide the platform for positive dialogues on peace and must not use and direct the youth cause to destabilizing peace. Peace is a language. It ensures the sustenance of water, shelter, fresh air and food needed for life as well as get one’s lifelines in places where there is turmoil.

It takes no secret to realize that the leaders of tomorrow are the youth of today so whatever legacy we sow is that which we will reap in the future. The peace of our world, home, country, communities, relationships, workplace, interactions, depends largely on each ones contribution. Peace is about the youth and everyone, it is my concern, your concern, our concern, let peace prevail with youth at the forefront of building peace by going beyond the talk. Youth building peace 2017 in the celebration of 12th August 2017 goes beyond the theme. Your absolute pledge must be I am for peace, let’s be peaceful and live in peace 360.


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